“The main benefits of this product are almost too plentiful to encapsulate. As a professional you are able to combine the functionality of your hefty office phone, with the usability and mobility of your personal mobile phone. You can be anywhere, at any time, and know that your calls can be handled with ease.

“Given that App2Chat are offering a service that essentially transforms your mobile into an office phone, with all the bells and whistles, and tariff options to match, the price of the product is almost unbeatable. For a modern, forward-thinking business or individual, this product meets all of your personal and professional needs for a fraction of the price of most alternatives.”

“The App2Chat and its network of resellers know that new apps can be difficult to understand at first, and make every effort to walk you through the process. Because most professionals are very familiar with the way an office phone works, the call-forwarding functions, and diversion features, as well as the range of numbers to choose from, are all things that people are familiar with. With this in mind, it’s very straight-forward to understand the concept of App2Chat, and after the first couple of calls, it feels like you could never go back to your 20th century hardware!

“At Shaking Hands, we’re often in contact with sole traders and start-ups that don’t have the capital to invest in a landline number. With App2Chat, you are able to present your business in a professional way, take your office phone with you on the move, and ensure that you never miss a call.”

Robert O’Sullivan, Director of Shaking Hands

“I would definitely recommend App2chat with any businesses. The customer support team (Lorraine in particular) helped me from start to finish with my mobile application.”

“She went above and beyond to get me up and running with my App and even help me record the company message. Amazing customer service. Always ready to help. 5 star.”

Joshua Tatiah, Managing Director of Smart City

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