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Shaking Hands Enterprise Hub Embraces App2Chat

Client Testimonial

“The main benefits of this product are almost too plentiful to encapsulate. As a professional you are able to combine the functionality of your hefty office phone, with the usability and mobility of your personal mobile phone. You can be anywhere, at any time, and know that your calls can be handled with ease.” Robert O’Sullivan, Director of Shaking Hands


App2Chat is a clever application for busy people who want access to affordable business telephony whilst retaining the flexibility of a personal smartphone, all on the same device. Launched in December 2015 to an extremely positive reception, one of the first organisations to apply the solution’s capabilities was Shaking Hands.

This vibrant enterprise hub serves Croydon’s burgeoning business community, and its ever increasing membership includes a high number of tech companies – exactly the type of early adopters who may themselves be keen to try out App2Chat’s innovative approach to telecommunications.

Itself a relatively new organisation, Shaking Hands is an agile operation run by just three people.

App2Chat boss Nolan Braterman recognised an opportunity in Shaking Hands; as well as being exactly the type of organisation that would benefit from the telephone service, Shaking Hands is now a fantastic conduit for spreading the App2Chat message to other SMEs.

Project Approach

Shaking Hands offers its members structured networking events, discounted business services, a regular sector-specific newsletter and the opportunity to attend valuable business seminars, amongst a variety of other benefits.
The enterprise hub’s offer is diverse and the phone is always ringing.

Robert O’Sullivan, one of Shaking Hand’s founding partners explains what App2Chat delivers to his organisation:

“App2Chat gives us flexibility and real cost savings. It’s a landline on the move that means we never miss a call.”

In essence, App2Chat is a full office telephone system contained within a smartphone. App2Chat can embed an infinite range of UK and international landline numbers on multiple smartphones, all of which can be shared and used simultaneously across the business.

It’s perfect for SME and employees who often work away from base but who want the professional appearance that a landline number represents. Taking and making calls, transferring, and accessing services like voicemail all operate in the same way but, with App2Chat can all be done on the move from a smartphone.

For Shaking Hands, this means all the capability of a traditional phone system without any of the expense. And, while Shaking Hands is very much rooted in Croydon, for those businesses planning to expand into new territories, App2chat can give the impression of a local presence by using landline numbers close to its customers or suppliers, even when calling from the other side of the world.


The way that Shaking Hands’ three team members utilise App2Chat has demonstrated that the solution is a great fit for smaller businesses, particularly those at start-up stage.
Rather than investing in expensive infrastructure with high ongoing costs, smaller enterprises can choose the more streamlined App2Chat, which affords them convenience and allows them to present themselves more professionally.

Shaking Hands’ use of the solution also highlighted another important way in which the tool suits small business owners. As more and more people are working for themselves and the line between work and recreation becomes increasingly blurred, App2Chat has the added advantage of allowing users to keep their mobile number strictly for downtime use. During evenings and weekends, the solution can be programmed to business calls to voicemail, only allowing those dialing the user’s personal mobile number to come through.

Going forward, App2Chat intends to work closely with Shaking Hands, helping the enterprise hub to introduce the product and promote its benefits to members.

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